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FEICEHNG JINTA MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1958, recommended company for military weapons purchasing and national enterprise in designing and manufacturing Class-III pressure vessel, Feicheng Jinta Machinery Co., Ltd. becomes a collectivized enterprise  integrating research and development, production and manufacturing, trade and service with the technical center,  international trade department and four subsidiaries, which are Feicheng Jinta Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Feicheng JINTA Alcohol Chemical Co., Ltd., Feicheng JINWEI Machinery Co., Ltd., and Feicheng TAIXI Non-woven Materials Co., Ltd.

After more than 60 years of hard work and innovation, Jinta group has become the largest manufacturing base of alcohol production line and waste liquid treatment equipment with highest technology in China, which settles (defines) national standard of " Alcohol Distillation Column" and " Furfural Hydrolysis Pot",  which has obtained 19 national patents on remarkable energy-saving in alcohol industry and comprehensive utilization on stillage processing, and which leads the technology development trend of Chinese alcohol production equipment. Alcohol production and environmental production equipment of "Jin" brand has been the first choice of domestic clients especially renowned large-scale distillery and been exported to dozens of countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and etc.

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According to the customers output and quality requirements, the use of 2--8 towers to produce general-grade alcohol, premium grade alcohol and premium grade alcohol, can also produce fuel alcohol, and provide corresponding carbon dioxide recovery, sewage treatment and other supporting projects.


According to the requirements of customers, we can design and manufacture a variety of chemical equipment, such as furfural, hydrogen peroxide, ethyl acetate, acetic acid, nitric acid, benzene, methanol, epichlorohydrin, monosodium glutamate, acetic acid, cyclohexanone, etc.


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