Five-Column Three-Effect Multi-Pressure Distillation Process

The five-tower three-effect is a new energy-saving technology introduced on the basis of the traditional five-tower differential pressure distillation, which is mainly used for the production of premium grade alcohol.

Double Mash Column Three-Effect Differential Pressure Distillation Process

The double-column distillation production of the general-grade alcohol process mainly consists of the rectification column II, the mash column II, the rectification column I, and the mash column I.

Ethanol production process

In the industry, ethanol is generally produced by a starch fermentation process or an ethylene direct hydration process.

Evaporation and crystallization technology

Molasses alcohol waste liquid is highly corrosive and has high chroma, which is difficult to remove by biochemical method. Concentrated incineration or high-efficiency liquid fertilizer is the most thorough treatment plan at present.

Aginomoto continuous crystallization process

Threonine continuously crystallization process

The threonine filtrate evaporates at a low concentration to produce crystals, which saves electricity and prevents crystal precipitation.

Waste water containing salt evaporation crystallization process

For the production of waste water "high salt" in cellulose, salt chemical, coal chemical and other industries

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